Hawaii Long Term Care Insurance

Hawaii has an organization called the Hawaii Long Term Care Association (HLTCA). This association, comprised of 25 care facilities, is an advocate group for people requiring long term care in the state of Hawaii. They are committed to caring for the emotional, spiritual and social needs of the infirm, seniors and rehabilitating disabled. HLTCA is politically active in getting legislation passed to help those in need of long term care.

HLTCA educates the general public by informing them that nursing care is not for the elderly only. Long term care is sometimes necessary for the young, or people who are recovering and being rehabilitated from injuries or sickness. The long term care does not mean that there is no hope of getting well.

Some of the long term care options are:

1. Assisted Living facilities — These facilities provide supportive services and housing for people requiring help with personal care and medications.

2. Independent Retirement Housing — Independent care provides meals, housekeeping, activities and maintenance to residents who are independent.

3. Nursing Facilities — This is an institutional setting where the patient receives 24 hour a day comprehensive care.

4. Continuing Care Retirement Communities — These communities are a combination of independent, assisted living and nursing facility in one. Hawaii has two such facilities.

HLTCA can assist you in finding a provider on line, by using their simple search form. You have the option to search by zip code, type of service or by island. They also list open job positions for long term care providers in search for employment.

Hawaii Long Term Care Insurance

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