Finding cheap car insurance isn’t just about taking the cheapest quote. There’s more to think about than that when looking for cheap car insurance.

The company offering the cheapest car insurance may not be a good insurance company. Cheap car insurance can be wonderful when paying the bill, but a nightmare when making a claim. You need to check out the company first. Find out why they offer such cheap car insurance. Is it because they won’t pay when they need to?

There is one thing that you can do however, when looking for cheap car insurance. Have a look at the deductible. What’s that? The deductible, also known as the excess, is the amount you pay before the car insurance company pays anything.

The amount you pay for your car insurance is directly related to the deductible amount. The higher the deductible, the lower your car insurance cost. This is the best way to get cheap car insurance without compromising anything else.

So if you want cheap car insurance then make a compromise by raising the deductible rather than settling for a poor insurance company that offers cheap car insurance rates. For example if you have a deductible of $500 instead of $250 that you pay first from every claim, then your premium will be much lower. Select the highest deductible you could afford to pay, and make sure you drive carefully!

Never compromise your liability and property damage coverage to get the cheapest car insurance. Cheap car insurance is fine, as long as it is sensibly done.


Some other tips for finding cheap car insurance rates. Check out whether you need to get personal injury protection or medical insurance included, if you already have health insurance you may not. Check out whether it is mandatory to have, it may be. And check out glass coverage. If you don’t think that glass breakage is an issue find out whether you can remove it from your policy for a reduction.

And when looking for cheap car insurance consider the value of your car. Does it make sense to insure your car to replace it if it isn’t worth much? Have a look at the cost of the insurance as a percentage of the cars replacement value. Should you consider taking your own risk on replacement of your own vehicle to reduce your car insurance cost? Often it’s worth it if you are a safe driver. But never drop insurance for other vehicles involved in any accident.

Something else to think about for cheap car insurance. First approach an insurance company you already use for, say, house insurance. Often you can get cheap car insurance rates by combining different types of policies all with the same insurance company.


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