Dealing with an Insurance Broker versus “Going Direct”

To deal with the middleman or to go direct: that is the question facing many individuals looking for car insurance or household cover in South Africa.

Insurance brokers
Dealing with an insurance broker means that you can schedule an appointment and sit down to discuss your unique insurance needs. (S)he will be able to tailor a car insurance policy to suit your cover requirements; at an insurance rate that will suit your pocket. If you prefer doing business on a face-to-face basis, and have someone who you can call whenever you have a question or an insurance related problem, then this may be the way to go.

Additionally, an insurance broker will be able to give you expert advice and help you choose the most suitable insurance policy for you. They should also have extensive experience and a solid knowledge of insurance policies and products.

Dealing directly with the insurance company
Many insurance companies in South Africa, most notably Dial Direct Insurance and Auto and General Insurance, have geared their operations toward being direct insurance providers.

As a prospective car or household insurance buyer, you have the choice of requesting car insurance quotes online or calling their respective call centres to obtain an insurance rates quote. Direct insurance companies offer quick and convenient service from anywhere in South Africa, thanks to streamlined call centres. Most of these call centre operators benefit financially from policy sales, so they will want to provide you with the best level of cover most suited to your individual needs. They can’t however, give you a comparative insurance quote as they only work for one insurance company.

Request at least three insurance quotes to make sure that you find the best insurance cover at the best insurance rates; doing so online is quick and convenient!

Contact direct insurance companies such as Dial Direct or Auto&General for an online car insurance quote! Also be sure to check out others, such as First for Women for women’s insurance, or Budget Insurance Brokers for affordable car and household insurance.

There is no “better option” in terms of dealing directly with an insurance company, as opposed to dealing with an insurance broker. If you’re starting out and know little or nothing about car or household insurance, consulting an insurance broker may be a good idea. Yet given the slick performance and efficacy of direct insurance providers, you may find that both options will render satisfactory results: Appropriate insurance cover, at a good premium, with a good dose of professionalism.

Dealing with an Insurance Broker versus “Going Direct”

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