Cheap Car Insurance In Florida — Advice And Tips

Florida — according to a 2005 survey, the state was the 14th most expensive in the country when it came to premiums. Like most states, Florida has certain minimum requirements that must be met when it comes to auto insurance.

Florida requires drivers to purchase at least a minimum amount of coverage for injury liability and property damage liability. These amounts are $10,000 for both property damage and personal injury. The above amounts apply if your car is registered in Florida, even if it is kept in another state or you never drive the car.

Florida is one of the states with a higher percentage of older drivers. The state has a program where it offers a mandatory reduction on insurance premiums to older drivers (aged 55 and older) who successfully complete a 6 hour motor vehicle accident prevention course.

Florida is one of several states that actually encourages drivers to drive cars fitted with antilock brakes by requiring insurers to offer a discount when the car is fitted with them. Insurers may also offer discounts if your vehicle is fitted with airbags and automatic seatbelts.

Florida is also one of the states that is particularly popular with hybrid car owners. Apart from doing your small part to protect the environment, insurance companies may offer a 10% discount to hybrid owners.

You can also obtain comparisons from the Florida Department of Financial Services which can give you sample rates and offer other advice on obtaining car insurance in Florida.

Cheap Car Insurance In Florida — Advice And Tips

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