Car Safety Tips for Lower Insurance Rates

Being a safe driver will stand you in good stead in terms of getting more affordable car insurance rates.
Driving safely will not only help you avoid traffic fines, but also keep your car insurance rates down over time and – most importantly – help you avoid potentially deadly car accidents.

By being car safety conscious, you’ll save money on speeding tickets, enjoy lower car insurance premiums and contribute to making the roads of South Africa safer for everyone!

Premium Search, South Africa’s Insurance Search Engine, is proud to bring you some car safety tips. By following these, you will reap the benefits; in the form of personal safety and lower car insurance rates!

Drive defensively
Being a defensive driver is critical, given the traffic situation in most of South Africa’s big urban areas. Always try to think for everyone else around you, and try to anticipate what they may or may not do. If you are aware of your fellow motorists’ potential actions, you will be able to react a lot more quickly to avert accidents.

Defensive driving means indicating before lane changes and intersections. It means maintaining safe following distances and sticking to the speed limit. Defensive drivers don’t weave and change lanes unnecessarily, nor skip orange traffic lights. It means slowing down and allowing more reaction time when it’s raining, and backing off to give reckless or incompetent drivers space.

Always stay calm
Keep your emotions in check whenever you get into a car. By staying calm, you will be able to make better decisions and not take unnecessary risks.

Stay focused
People often talk to passengers, adjust the radio or talk on their cellphones – which is illegal in South Africa. Minimise your distractions and focus on driving. Always pull over if you need to make a phone call, or buy a hands-free cell phone set. It’s cheaper than the fine if you’re caught!

Stay safe at all times
Always wear your seat belt – you never know when an accident will happen! Apart from being a legal requirement, seat belts are proven to save lives.

Never allow children to stand on the seats!
Children should be seated and buckled up at all times. Babies and toddlers should be strapped into baby car seats – not held by their mothers. In the event of an accident, you will not be strong enough to prevent your baby from hitting the dashboard. So don’t take any chances.

Always drive sober
Never drink and drive – it’s not worth the guilt of killing someone else, and you will probably end up in jail if convicted. Most narcotic substances, whether legal or illegal, have some degree of influence on how you drive.

Obey the law!
Always obey the law: stick to the speed limit, obey road signs and listen to traffic officers if they instruct you to do something. By doing this and following these car safety tips, you can help prevent car accidents and keep your car insurance rates as low as possible!

Car Safety Tips for Lower Insurance Rates

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