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Tips to save on Car Insurance
Shop around for car insurance quotes.
Shopping around for car insurance quotes will enable you to find the best car insurance rates and the most suitable levels of car insurance cover. Searching for car insurance quotes online is a great point of departure, as you won’t need to drive around to get these car insurance quotes.

Get an online car insurance quote from Auto&General Car Insurance, Dial Direct Car Insurance, Budget Car Insurance or 1st for Women Car Insurance.

Don’t use your car for business purposes.
Using your car for business purposes entails getting business usage insurance. As you’ll be on the road more often, this will significantly increase your monthly insurance premium.

If at all possible, opt not to use your personal car for business purposes. Driving to work and back, however, is still private use.

Drive less
Driving less may qualify you for a low-mileage car insurance discount. If your car insurance policy features this discount, it would count in your favour to limit your mileage where possible.

Drive even more carefully
Driving safely and not having any accidents or related insurance claims for an extended period of time may qualify you for a no claims bonus. The best way to qualify for a no claims insurance bonus is to drive responsibly and defensively at all times.

Buy a low-profile car
Flashy sports cars get stolen more readily and are statistically proven to be driven more recklessly. Buying a low-profile “ordinary” vehicle without any sports modifications in a standard colour will reduce the risk of having the car stolen, and automatically places you in a lower risk category.

Statistically, car insurance companies approach the owners of sports cars as reckless drivers. Therefore, buying a low-profile car will let you qualify for lower monthly car insurance premiums.

Get online car insurance quotes
Get an online car insurance quote is not only convenient, but can save you some money as well! Dial Direct, for example, offers an additional 5% discount on your premium when you get an online insurance quote.

However, getting an online quote from a number of car insurance companies will give a better comparative view. Get an online car insurance quote from Dial Direct, 1st for Women and Auto&General, and see which insurance quote and insurance cover best suits your unique car insurance requirements.

Keep your car in a garage
Cars parked in garages are far less likely to be stolen, vandalised or driven into by other vehicles. In light of the fact that this reduces your risks, you may well be entitled to a slightly reduced car insurance premium.
Have safety/anti-theft devices installed
Some car insurance companies will not ensure your car unless it is fitted with a standard anti-theft device, most often an immobiliser. Additionally, safety devices such as airbags, anti-skid braking (ABS), etc. may also reduce your car’s risk profile. Get a couple of insurance quotes to establish how big the monthly savings on your insurance premium will be.

Fitting a car alarm or a tracking system will certainly also lower your monthly car insurance premium. However, in the event of an accident, your insurance premium will be increased after you’ve claimed. Some car insurance companies fix their insurance premium rates for 12 months, so the increased monthly tariff will only be effective a number of months after the accident.

The benefit of this is that you can stick to within your annual budget and allow for the increased insurance expense during the next year.
Enquire about car insurance discounts
Contact a few insurance companies or a car insurance broker to find out which discounts you will be eligible for. Be sure to mention your personal details and any factors that may count in your favour. Online car insurance companies such as Dial Direct offers a 5% discount when you get an online car insurance quote from their website!

Increase your insurance excess
In most cases, increasing your excess will lower your monthly insurance premium. Be sure, however, that you can still comfortably afford the higher excess, as accidents can happen at times that may not suit you financially.

Nominate designated drivers
The fewer people are allowed to drive your car, the lower your car insurance premium will be. Fewer drivers means a lower risk, which effectively saves you money on your car insurance policy.

Negotiation pays
Don’t just accept the offered insurance quotes upfront. There is always the possibility that the agent selling the insurance is allowed to give a discount if it means signing the piece of new business. If they really want your business, they may well reduce the insurance quote by a few percentage points.

Car Insurance Tips

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