Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance tips for successful claiming
If your car is stolen, insurance companies expect you to report it very promptly, as this increases the chances that the police may retrieve the stolen car, thus avoiding an insurance claim being submitted against the insurance company. In the case of a car accident, the damage is obviously done – yet you are still obligated to report the accident to the police station nearest to the accident scene.

Review your car insurance cover annually.
This is very important. Your situation may change from year to year, hence it is quite possible that such changes may affect your insurance premium and level of cover.

Be sure to notify your car insurance company should you have a change of address, or if your location of work changes. If you start using your already-insured personal vehicle for work purposes, or “business usage” it is vital that you inform your insurance company about it. Failure to do so could result in a rejection of your insurance claim, should you be involved in an accident during working hours.

Don’t make repairs before official inspection.
Don’t make any major repairs to a damaged vehicle without first having it inspected by an official inspector of your insurance company. If you fix the car beforehand, your insurance company may well refuse to pay for the repairs as the damage hadn’t been assessed.
Be present when inspection takes place.
Always be present when an inspector assesses your car’s damage. Be sure to point out all damaged areas and explain how the accident happened.

Make notes of all discussions.
Make detailed notes of everything that gets discussed; between the two vehicle owners involved in the accident, as well as everything discussed with the insurance company’s vehicle inspector.

Don’t agree to unfair settlements.
If you feel that a settlement is unfair, question it and lodge a query with your car insurance company.
Get more than one quote for repairs.
Some unscrupulous car mechanics may bump up their repair quotes if they are aware of the fact that it is an insurance claim, as opposed to a private one. Getting at least three repair quotes will quickly show you whether a mechanic is charging too much money, and further strengthen your car insurance claim.

Be sure, however, to get quotes from authorised vehicle dealers or service agents only. Failure to do so could result in your car’s warranty being declared null and void.

Car Insurance Claims

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