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Heart Education And Risk Reduction Tips for those at risk for heart disease or recently diagnosed. Led by occupational therapists and physical therapists, this class shows you how to make little changes that mean a lot to your heart’s health. Discussions highlight heart-healthy eating, weight management and ways to incorporate exercise daily. Stress management, high blood pressure and diabetes are also addressed.

For individuals with recent (less than three months ago) heart-related diagnoses. Continuous ECG, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring during exercise sessions provide the basis for learning the principles of an individualized, safe fitness program of conditioning, strengthening, and flexibility. Exercise sessions are supervised by an occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, or registered nurse. Lifestyle modification education for coronary artery disease risk reduction are also provided. Physician referral/insurance provider approval required.

Individualized Diabetes Counseling and Education
For individuals with newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes. Topics include meal planning, self blood glucose monitoring, gestational diabetes management and diabetes exercise prescription.

Women’s Therapy Group
Ongoing weekly therapy group for women addressing issues of depression anxiety, shame, eating disorders, grief and loss, relationships, and/or family of-origin issues such as abuse and neglect. The objectives are to create a therapy group in which each client will identify and address her own individual issues and goals, to increase assertiveness and communication skills, to develop coping strategies and problem-solving skills to deal more effectively with environmental and personal stress, to provide support in forming and maintaining relationships with others, and to decrease social and emotional isolation.